• Vijith believes in purpose-driven brand-building anchored on trust. He is also the CEO of FlipTree. Prior to FlipTree, Vijith was an executive at Bank of America, and did management consulting at EY and IBM. Vijith has an MBA from Duke University.

    Vijith Nair

    chief executive officer
  • Shanu is a designer and a technologist. He has worked extensively on UI/UX, mobile app development, and platform scalability throughout his career. Shanu’s drive for innovation and creativity is evident in everything we do. Shanu has a BE from Anna University.

    Shanu V Shaji

    chief Design officer
  • Gayati is a designer, digital artist, and marketing strategist with a passion for sketching, movies, trends, and customer experience. Over the years Gayati has overseen the launch of various consumer product lines. Her spontaneous and spirited ideas are evident in everything we do. Gayati has a BA from Pearl Academy.

    Gayati J Elenjikal

    chief Marketing officer
  • Urvish, a seasoned technology executive, excels in optimizing technology solutions and processes, bolstering IT operations, security, and service delivery. With a robust background in product development and scalability, Urvish's proficiency drives accelerated product delivery. Holds an MSc from KSV University, India.

    Urvish Patel

    chief Technology officer
  • Syamjith is a dynamic tech leader skilled in devising and executing cutting-edge solutions. He is proficient in enterprise architecture, agile, data analytics, and DevOps. Syamjith's cloud prowess fuels our speed-to-market approach. He holds a BCA from Mahatma Gandhi University, India.

    Syamjith Sasidharan

    Chief Architect
  • Jeev is a customer-centric product management leader with a keen focus on market opportunities and product development. He excels in evaluating and enhancing product performance and customer experiences. Holds an MBA from Bharathiar University, India

    Jeev George

    chief product officer


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